Storage Mistake #2: Choosing a Storage Company Based on Low Price Alone

Choosing storage units on low price alone can be a problem in three ways:

  1. Low price can be the bait that attracts your phone call. But once the manager gets you on the phone, he may pressure you into a much more expensive option.
  2. Low price can be for a “solution” that is not right for you. Rarely will you know exactly what you need during the first phone call. So how can the storage manager know? Tossing out a low price is only a trick…a game some unscrupulous storage managers play to get your attention and then your business.
  3. Low price may also mean that the storage facility is “compensating” for other less desirable factors. They may be in an undesirable part of town or may not have a full breath of security features.

We all know the truth about price. You usually do get what you pay for .


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